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SONKEN MP4000 PROFESSIONAL KARAOKE MACHINE  - AUD $349.99 by khe.co.nz - 00 613 9557 5110
Sonken MP4000
The Professionals Top Choice

Full Sized Deck, HDMI, HDD Compatible
Plays Karaoke Discs or Downloads

Starting From $299.99

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MIIC STAR KARAOKE SYSTEMS NZ  - AUD $369.99 by khe.co.nz - 00 613 9557 5110
Digital Wireless Karaoke System
HDMI, Karaoke MP3+G & MP4

The very latest in Digital Technology

Thousands of songs available in...
English, Philippines, Hindi, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Thai Vietnamese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean and French... Starting Under $399.99

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KARAOKE SOFTWARE PC/MAC/ANDROID + LAPTOP  - AUD $1.00 by khe.co.nz - 00 613 9557 5110

Start your own Karaoke DJ Business

With PCDJ Karaoke Host Software
Complete Solutions Available
Software / Laptop / Song Packages

Software Trials Available

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TURN YOUR DVD PLAYER INTO A KARAOKE MACHINE  - AUD $259.99 by khe.co.nz - 00 613 9557 5110
Karaoke Converter / Mixers

Turn any DVD player into a karaoke machine

Bluetooth Mixer for Home Theatre Amplifer

From Only $259.99

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